28 February, 2017


Today, Tuesday 28 February 2017 is the release-date of 2 new titles on vinyl: the split-LP of Italian extreme metallers CADAVERIA and NECRODEATH (“Mondoscuro”) and the 2nd album of Italian hard rockers SANDNESS (“Higher & Higher”), both on standard black and limited coloured editions!




Higher & Higher

Higher & Higher


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We have a massive update on our official e-shop, where you can find hundreds of new arrivals on CD, LP as well as shirts and so on!

Check it out at www.heavymetalbids.com

And check that we have the best prices online and the best service too! Just be quick, cause most of the titles are in limited quantities!



We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with Swedish glam/sleaze band BAI BANG and we will release worldwide their upcoming album “Rock Of Life” on vinyl format. Additionally, we will also release their 3 previous albums on vinyl worldwide: “Are You Ready”, “Living My Dream” and “All Around The World”. The release dates for each vinyl will be announced soon.

Diddi Kasteholt, singer of Bai Bang stated the following:
"Bai Bang are happy to announce that the 4 last albums will be released on vinyl! It's a special moment when you listen to a vinyl record and when you hold the cover in your hand. Its rock'n roll! Rock on & Rock it!"


We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with the American metallers MASQUED and we will release their debut album "A New Beginning" soon.

The band was formed in 2014 by guitarist Eric Halpern (HELSTAR, LEATHERWOLF), bassist Shane Dubose, and keyboardist Adam Rawlings, all formerly with local Houston, TX legends Z-LOT-Z. They recruited drummer Jon Allen (SADUS, TESTAMENT) and second guitarist Drew Creel (MEVYN), with Steffany Johnston providing the missing piece after an extensive vocalist search. 

The group have just put the finishing touches on their first album which was produced by veteran SF Bay Area studio whiz Juan Urteaga (Testament, Vicious Rumors, Machine Head). Expect an amazing piece of American metal: melodic, progressive, aggressive, unique and modern, with elements from ‘70s rock and jazz, till Bay Area-thrash! Release date will be announced soon.

Eric Halpern on behalf of the band stated the following comments:
''After several years of hard work, MASQUED is very excited to present our debut CD! We are also proud to release it on Sleaszy Rider Records, a well-known and respected label. Metal fans around the globe, with much love and respect, we sincerely hope you enjoy our new music!"



Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with Greek black/death metallers LLOTH and we will release soon their debut album “Athanati” (“Immortal”). Just to remind you that Lloth is the band that found Maria “Tristessa” Kolokouri (R.I.P.) prior founding Astarte.

Lloth recorded an EP only (“Dancing in the Dark Lakes of Evil”), which we will release on CD soon under the name of Astarte. The band reformed by Tristessa and her husband (and member of Astarte at that time) Nicolas Maiis. Lloth are continue the legacy of Tristessa and under the guides of Nicolas Maiis with Setesh, Vaelor (guitars) and Acheron (bass) they recorded the album “Athanati”, which is dedicated to Maria ”Tristessa” Kolokouri.

Release date will be announced soon.



Russian pagan/folk metallers ALKONOST signed a deal with our company and their new album “Songs of the White Lilly” will be re-released on Sleaszy Rider (originally released at the end of 2016 by the band in Russia only).

The correct release date will be announced soon.



Italian/Slovakian heavy/thrash metallers BULLET-PROOF has finished the recordings of their second album at Music Ink studio with producer/sound enginner Federic Penazzatto. The new effort of Bullet-Proof is entitled ”Forsaken One” and will be released on 21 April 2017, once again by Sleaszy Rider.

The band also changed agency and are now cooperating with Eagle Booking.



Italian dark metallers REGARDLESS OF ME will be the support band in the Italian tour of Deathless Legacy. The correct dates can be found on our Gigs section. The band is still in recording process of their third album, more infos about it will be announced soon.



Italian metallers Perpetual Fire revealed the title of their upcoming new album: “Bleeding Hands”. Expect soon some more news regarding this CD, as we will reveal the cover and the release date of the album!



Today is a special day for Kaledon, cause we reveal the cover and the title of their upcoming release! Their 10th album will be called "CARNAGUS-Emperor Of The Darkness" and their cover and artwork is designed by French artist Jean-Pascal Fournier (Avantasia, Edguy, Immortal, etc.), which you can see below.

The new album of Italian power metallers will be released on 15 May on CD and 180 gr vinyl. More infos will be announced soon.



Belgian hard rockers SCARVED released “Sweet Surrender”, the first video-clip of their upcoming second album “Lodestone”.

The album will be released in the few next weeks, stay tuned, we will announce it pretty soon.




7 February, 2017


Today, Tuesday 7 February 2017 is the release-date of "Lithic": the debut album of Italian heavy/thrash metallers LEATHERMASK.

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Overtures, Sleaszy Rider Records, Truck Me Hard and MetalMessage are proud to announce the release of Overtures' new official videoclip for the song "GO(L)D", third track of the latest album "Artifacts" released in May 2016 by Sleaszy Rider Records.



The video, filmed by band’s guitarist Marco Falanga directly connects its images with the lyrics of the song with three mini-stories showing how the modern society is affected by the lost of real values. A girl addicted to the modern drug: socials; a kid victim of the standardization of averageness; mankind devoted to the new God: go(l)d.

The videoclip is the second official videoclip released from the successful album "Artifacts" who brought "Overtures" on stage with Stratovarius, Saxon, Rammstein, Korn, Halestorm, Gamma Ray, Megadeth.


Overtures willl be soon be on the road in a co-headlining European tour with Italians Temperance.

The complete routing will be the following: 

23.02.2017 - Centro Giovani - Gorizia - ITALY *
24.02.2017 - Vegallomas Klub - Szombathely - HUNGARY *
25.02.2017 - Pod Skalkou - Ceska Trebova - CZECH REPUBLIC *
26.02.2017 - Melodka Club - Brno - CZECH REPUBLIC **
27.02.2017 - Exit Us - Prague - CZECH REPUBLIC **
28.02.2017 - Rudeboy Klub - Bielsko Biala - POLAND **
02.03.2017 - Titans Club - Lens - BELGIUM ***
03.03.2017 - De Verlichte Geest - Roselare - BELGIUM ***
04.03.2017 - Rockheaven - Eygelshoven - NETHERLANDS ***
05.03.2017 - Moonlight Music Hall - Diest - BELGIUM ***
07.03.2017 - Garage Deluxe - Munchen - GERMANY ***
08.03.2017 - Soundcheck One - Waldbrown - GERMANY ***
09.03.2017 - Covent Garden Studios - Eragny - FRANCE ***
10.03.2017 - Petit Leman - Vevey - SWITZERLAND ***
11.03.2017 - Met Bar - Lenzburg - SWITZERLAND ***
12.03.2017 - Rock Town - Cordenons - ITALY ***

* Special guest Afterlife Symphony
** Special guest Batalion d'Amour
*** Special guest ANCIENT MYTH



We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with Belgian melodic metallers MEGASONIC (feat. members of Prime Mover, Blood Blothers, Crusader and Everglow). In December 2014 Megasonic released their debut album “Intense” on the renowned Mausoleum Records and now they have ready to release their second album “Without Warning”, which we will release in the few next months.



We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with the international modern metal band TATTERED PAGES. Tattered Pages were formed in Birmingham, UK in December 2015 with the vision to bring quality and diverse sounding albums. The work of Ogrego on song production, along with the vocal talents of Aliki Katriou and Neal Romero culminated in their first CD "Open Diary I", (which features a number of well known guitarists as guests), an album filled with melodic and aggressive landscapes. The correct release date and more infos will be announced soon.







20 January, 2017

DARKWALKER | The Wasteland out on vinyl

Today, 20 January 2017, is the release date of the Darkwalker "The Wastelands" vinyl. Some months after the release of the CD edition, it's finally time for the wonderful LP Version. It's available on standard black and limited (to 100 copies) red vinyl!

More infos in the jukebox, catalogue and e-store section.





20 December, 2016


Today, Tuesday 20 December 2016 is the release-date of 2 new titles: the sixth album of Spanish doom/death metallers DANTALION (”…And All Will Be Ashes”) and the debut of Greek heavy metallers BLIND JUSTICE (”In the Name of Justice”).

In the Name of Justice”

…And All Will Be Ashes


For more infos about these new releases, you can check our Catalogue, Jukebox and E-store sections.



Another vinyl is on the plans! This time it’s the debut ”Sanatana Dharma” of Greek doom/dark/gothic metallers THE SLAYERKING. The band is a side project of Efthimis Karadimas (Nightfall) and Kostas ”Omen” Kyriakopoulos (ex-Nocta).

More infos about the release date, etc. will be announced soon.



Bloodphemy has parted ways with singer Arnold. Meanwhile the band has been working with Dirk Willems who will be lending his voice to Bloodphemy for the time being.

Bloodphemy will play next years Kaltenbach Open Air, as well as Elsrock, so start plan the summer vacation right the way.




Greek death metallers IN UTERO CANNIBALISM are ready with their next release: the new 6-tracks EP "Symptoms of Cannibalism", which will be released in the few next months.

The band, with refreshed line-up, returns once again with their own dynamic style and with unstoppable forces, they are also ready for more releases during 2017! Stay tunned, more news will be announced soon!







9 December, 2016


Today, Friday 9 December 2016 is the release-date of 3 new titles: the second album of Italian hard rockers SANDNESS (“Higher & Higher”), the debut of American hard rockers ST. JAMES (“Resurgence”), and the fourth album (“Anunnaki”) of Greek dark/neofolk band DARK AWAKE on LP format. The vinyl editions of Sandness and St. James albums will follow soon.

Higher & Higher







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We are really excited to announce that we signed a deal with Greek label FM Records, which released the rare 7” single of Motörhead ”Live In Athens” back in 1988, along with ”No Sleep At All” album in Greece. We got the rights and we will re-release it. FM Records staff recorded back in March of 1988, when Motörhead played for first time ever in Greece, 2 tracks of their Athenean shows in Sporting stadium: ”Acropolis” and ”Orgasmatron”.

Acropolis is ”Metropolis” track, just Lemmy used to sang it ”Acropolis” every time they played in Greece, as a tribute to our country and their Greek fans. Just for your info, Lemmy loved the idea to be released this 7” back in ’88 and he was one of the persons who moved things to be released. After many years of negotiations with FM, we are proud to re-release it soon, with our respect and love to Motörhead.



Besides this amazing release, we got also the rights from same label and we will re-release the very rare compilation ”Greece Attacks”, plus the albums of many well known Greek rock bands like Magic De Spell, Flowers Of Romance, Echo Tattoo, Blackmail, Bella Union, Motivo 4, Ypogia Revmata (Υπ?γεια Ρε?ματα), Lefki Simfonia (Λευκ? Συμφων?α), En Lefko (Εν Λευκ?), Enthelechia (Ενδελ?χεια), George Demetriades & Mikroi Iroes (Γι?ργος Δημητρι?δης & Μικρο? ?ρωες), and some more! While our next updates we will provide more infos about all these releases!




On December 5:th, the Greek black metal legends DEVISER entered the studio Sound Abuse Productions to start the recording of their next album! The whole recordings/production/mixes/mastering of their untitled yet, 5:th studio album, are supervised by studio's owner Psychon Nyne (Septicflesh session/live guitarist).

Next summer we will release a limited 7" single with 2 of their new tracks, followed by the whole album a few months later.

During the spring of 2017 we will re-release the sold out compilation "Thy Blackest Love-The Early Years", in digipack format, including 4 old bonus tracks, unreleased and remastered (again at Sound Abuse studios).

More news will follow soon.



Overtures have been chosen as openers for Saxon in their Italian shows next Tuesday and Wednesday at Zona Roveri Music Factory in Bologna and LIVE MUSIC CLUB in Trezzo sull'Adda... BE THERE!



Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with French death metallers ALKHIMYA and we will release their debut album during the next year.

Alkhimya adopts a style close to the death metal allying powerful riffs of guitar and very intense battery rhythm combined with sophisticated musicales parts. The whole is covered with a guttural singing, dynamic but also melodious.

More infos about the release date, title etc of these young metallers we will announce soon.


Italian hard rockers SANDNESS will celebrate the release of their second album ”Higher & Higher” with a gig/release party on 17 December 2016 at Old Saloon club in Pederova, Italy. The band is also confirmed for the next, winter edition of Isola Rock festival, in 4 February 2017, together with bands like Anticlockwise, Animae Silentes and Eternal Idol.




Spanish doom masters DANTALION will celebrate the release of their sixth album “…And All Will Be Ashes” with a gig/release party where they will showcase their new tracks, on Saturday, 7 January 2017 at Transylvania Pub in Vigo, Spain.




This is the 4th studio report (the last one) before the release of the 6th album byHESPERIA titled CAESAR [ROMA vol. I], expected for the 10 February 2017 (released by Sleaszy Rider Records.

CAESAR will be a rock-metal opera with cinematic atmospheres, and a concept about Julius Caesar (following the chronological order).

The mastering of the album was finished in August at the DPF studio. “FORART fe” was the executive producer. This studio report is a brief technical track-by-track description.
Every track has an intro, with soundtrack-style reprises; the album follows the metal and rock tradition, but also recalls the tradition of musicals and theatrical operas.
The length of the tracks varies between 4 and 6 minutes (7 minutes for the last one).

1 - IVLIA GENS (incipit) / SVPREMVS DVX:
Gens Iulia is the ancestry of Caesar, the bloodline that bound him to Romulus and Aeneas (Eneide was the concept of the previous albums by Hesperia).
It's an instrumental intro to the opera (trumpets and march in 7/4)
Svpremvs Dvx is the real 1st track of the album, a continuum with the intro of the opera. The track celebrates the omens of the imminent entry of the supreme Roman warlord.

Track about the Triumvirate that Caesar created together with Crasso and Pompeius. There are some orchestrations and harps.
It contains a quote from Svetonio's “La vita dei Cesari”.

A track about the De Bello Gallico written by Caesar (about the battles that took place in Gallia).
There is an intro with a Gallic feast.
In this track a CRWTH (ancient acoustic Gallic instrument) was used to play original music.

This is an instrumental divided in 2 parts.
The 1st part is about Caesar's campaigns in Britannia, while the 2nd one (the famous Caesar phrase “Alea Iacta Est”) is about the decision to cross the Rubicon.
Additional instruments used: hammond, some ancient keyboards, harps, trumpets.
The titles refers to the battles in Britannia, but celebrates also the musical Britannic influences captured to create the track.
In the end of the track there are some ambient sounds taken by the shores of the Rubicon, ancient boundary between Rome and Gallia Cisalpina. A D-tuned guitar was used.

5 - ROMA:
The track describes the consequences of the civil war in Rome (De Bello Civili) after the Rubicon was crossed.
The brief intro will be reprised at the beginning of the title track.

6 - AEGYPTUS (Tema di Cleopatra)
The track describes the time that Caesar spent in Egypt with Cleopatra.
It is the second track (together with De Bello Gallico) to have exotic atmospheres far from the Roman feeling), with the use of typical instruments. While De Bello Gallico has Celtic atmospheres, Aegyptvs has an Egyptian feel.
The dialogue between Caesar and Cleopatra was performed by the tenor vocalist Christian Bartolacci (exceptionally recorded at the ARENA SFERISTERIO, MACERATA, MC, Italy) and by the soprano vocalist Aerethica. A D-tuned guitar and an Egyptian musical scale were used.

7 - CAESAR (Tema di Cesare)
The title-track is about the years of Caesar's maximus triumph.
The intro is a reprise of Roma's intro, evolved in 23/8. Some other peculiarities are the martial atmosphere, the lyric completely in Latin spoken with the archaic pronounciation (not the academical one) and the use of opera's choirs. ADrop-D tuning was used.

8 - ROMANA CONSPIRATIO (Tema di Bruto)
It's the theme of the antagonist, a cliché of the rock operas: the theme of Brute and the conspiracy against Caesar.
The intro contains a dialogue from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. A Drop-D tuning was used.

9 - DIVINI PRAESAGII (Romanorvm Deorvm)
The track talks about the omens preceding the death of Caesar on the Ides of March: the sacrifice where the heart couldn't be found, the warning of the Etrurian aruspex, etc.
The intro is another extract from Shakespeare's Caesar. It's the contemplative moment of the album, a sort of ballad. A Drop-D tuning and an hammond were used.

10 - Le Idi di Marzo (The Ides of March; Iron Maiden Cover)
No words were used to describe the Ides of March, only a brief and solemn instrumental: the orchestral Iron Maiden cover version of “The Ides of March”. An orchestral structure with solist guitars like the original one.

The last song describes what happened after Caesar's death: the appearing of Caesar's ghost to Brute, the end of Brute and the cesaricides, the historical heritage of the name of Caesar (used as a title for emperors and kings).
It's a 7-minute suite and contains a part in 73/8.
It's the only track without introduction (its intro is the previous track “The Ides of March”).
More infos about the release date etc of this album will follow soon.




8 November, 2016


Today, Tuesday 8 November 2016 is the release-date of another new title:
the second album of Italian glam/sleaze’hard rockers ROXIN' PALACE ("Freaks Of Society").


For more infos about this new release, you can check our Catalogue, Jukebox and E-store sections.



We are proud to announce that we will release on vinyls soon, all albums of Brazilian power metallers ALMAH, the band of Edu Falaschi, ex-singer of Angra! Starting from their brand new masterpiece "E.V.O" and following with their back-catalogue ("Unfold", "Almah By Edu Falaschi", "Motion" and "Fragile Equality"), all vinyls will be in limited edition of 500 copies and will come in great quality!

More infos, release-dates etc. will be announced soon.



We are proud to announce that ASTARTE's last opus, "Blackdemonium" album will be released through our label and will spread the last songs of TRISTESSA worldwide. Expect something more extreme, raw and black. The mix and mastering of "Blackdemonium" will take place at Steve Lado studio and the cover of the album is designed by Andrej Bartulovi?j (All Things Rotten design).

A 7'' vinyl will be released prior to the "Blackdemonium" album. The cover is created by Virginia Kakava (Art Of Sin Design). More infos for these 2 new releases will be announced soon.

Later on, we will re-release the Astarte’s back-catalogue with bonus material, plus separately "Dancing In The Dark Lakes Of Evil", their first demo under the name of LLOTH (never released officially on CD or LP).
"Blackdemonium" and the previous albums of Astarte will be released on tape, CD and LP.

All these with respect in memory of Queen of Black Metal - Maria "Tristessa" Kolokouri.




We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with one of the finest melodic metal bands worldwide: ARIADNA PROJECT from Argentina!
The band recently complete their 3:rd album "Novus Mundus", which is mixed by Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovarius) at Tolkki studio and mastered by Svante Forsbäck (Rammstein, Apocalyptica, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica) at Chartmakers studio in Helsinki, Finland.

"Novus Mundus" will be released worldwide (excluding Spain, Argentina and Japan) in the few next months.

The band commented the following:
"We are proud to announce that our new album Novus Mundus will be released and distributed by Sleaszy Rider Records! We are very excited about this cooperation that opens a new chapter in Ariadna Project's history. We thanks Tolis and all Sleaszy crew for trust in our music and helping us to spread our message."




We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with another young and hopeful Italian metal band: LEATHERMASK! These fine artists coming from the rock city of Trento and they play an enthusiastic heavy/thrash form of metal.

Their debut album "Lithic" is ready and we will be release it in the few next months.

For your info: their bassist is Federico Fontanari, bass player also of another great band of our roster: BULLET-PROOF!




We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with Italian power metallers PERPETUAL FIRE and we will release soon their 3:rd, untitled yet, album. Lead by guitarist Steve Volta (Pandaemonium, Pino Scotto, etc) the band is playing a power metal hybrid influenced by neoclassical and melodic metal, a la Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Symphony X, Stratovarius and Angra, and will satisfied all metal fans for sure! More infos, release date, etc. will be announced soon.




Belgian female fronted hard rockers SCARVED finished the recordings for the release of their second album. The band revealed some important infos, like the cover you can see below and the title: "Lodestone".

The album will be released on CD and LP format. More infors about the correct release date etc. will be announced soon.



We are proud to announce that we will soon release a limited vinyl edition of "Dogmas", the debut album of Swedish MY REGIME, feat. vocalist SPICE (Kayser, Band Of Spice, ex-Spiritual Beggars etc) and members and ex-members of bands like The Mushroom River Band, The Defaced, Kayser, etc.
The release date and more infos will be announced soon.




Sleaszy Rider is proud to announce that we will soon release a limited vinyl edition of "Candyland", the 10th full length album of Italian gothic metallers THEATRES DES VAMPIRES. Release date and more infos will be announced soon.



Italian alternative metallers RED FRACTION have some line up-changes and they announced them with the following statement:

"We have an announcement today, and it's with this new photo that we officially welcome into the band Giulio Murgia at the drums and Michele Masoero at the bass! We'll be waiting for you at Officine Sonore the 18th November to promote our album Birth! We would like to thank with friendship and affection Gabriele Pepe and Nicolò Gado for sharing with us this important path, that now brings us to take different roads for personal choices and with a common agreement, and we also wish them the best!"

Their debut album "Birth" is available in our e-store to a really fair price!




30 September, 2016


Today, Friday 30 September 2016 is the release date of a new title: the re-release of "Deep Blue Firmament", the new, 25th album of Italian neoclassical/dark-ambient/neofolk/ethereal/post-rockers ATARAXIA.

More infos about this cd (it comes in 2 editions, standard jewelcase and limited digipack+bonus track) you can find in Catalogue and Jukebox sections of our our website and of course you can buy it directly from our e-store!



Check out Bullet-Proof performing "De-Generation" live.



16 September, 2016


Today, Friday 16 September 2016 is the release-date of many new titles:
the debut cd of American stoner/hard rockers DARKWALKER ("The Wastelands"), the debut of American thrashers NUKEM ("The Unholy Trinity") and the debut of the Italian alternative metallers RED FRACTION ("Birth").

The Wastelands

The Unholy Trinity





Plus we release today 3 of our latest albums on LP vinyl format: the "Orphans Of Chaos" of SHATTER MESSIAH, the "By Nature So Perverse" of LIQUID GRAVEYARD and the "Unspeakable Cults" of DEVISER.



For all these releases, limited edition LPs, bundles, etc., you can check our Catalogue, Jukebox and E-store sections.



The legendary British metallers HOLOCAUST will play at Heavy Metal Night 9 Festival in Martinsicuro, Abruzzo, Italy on Saturday, 17 September 2016, with bands like Vardis, Fist, Danger Zone etc. On the festival area you will find also a label’s merchandise booth, with Holocaust’s and other label’s bands cds, LPs, t-shirts and rest merch. Be there!



We at Sleaszy Rider Records are fans of and support a multitude of different styles of worldwide hard rock and heavy metal music, of which melodic heavy/power metal is one of the musical genres that we really enjoy listening to. 

Azrael's Bane has got to be one of the top U.S. melodic metal bands that we have ever heard and are really proud to announce that we have signed the band to a multiple album deal. 

In December 2016, we will officially release "Modern Day Babylon" (Baniac Pak), a two cd package featuring newly re-mastered versions of their debut album "Wings of Innocence" (2003) and the hard to find 2nd album "Modern Day Babylon" (2007) along with two bonus tracks from Ozzy Osbourne - "Diary of a Madman" and Savatage - "Edge of Thorns". 

If you are fan of bands like Queensryche, Savatage, Fates Warning and Dokken, you will love Azrael's Bane as they continue to be one of the best kept metal secrets from  the USA!

Band's singer Trey Gadler shared the following comments:
"The band and I are very happy to announce our new partnership with Sleaszy Rider Records. After a few false starts, we are very much looking forward to working with Tolis and the rest of the SR crew to bring Azrael’s Bane music to the world."



Sleaszy Rider proudly announced that we signed a deal with one of the best hidden jewels of Greek scene, the legendary heavy/power metallers BLIND JUSTICE! The band was formed in the late ‘80s and they released 3 demos, which received amazing reviews at that time. Band’s leader Mike G. formed later Nightfall and then Snowblind and Blind Justice were on hold for almost 2 decades. After requests of many fans, Mike G. reformed Blind Justice with new line-up (featuring members of Spitfire, Snowblind, Power Crue, etc). The band re-recorded a mix of older tracks from all their demos, plus 2 covers versions (of Vaal and Manowar) which will be included in their debut album "In The Name Of Justice", (like their first demo), that will be released on December 2016.

Mike G., leader and guitarist of the group stated the following:
"We are really happy to sign with Sleaszy Rider! Some of us have a strong partnership with the label since it's beginning, and we feel that's our home, where we have a smoothly, fair and co-operation and the label respect it's bands and musicians! Be prepared for our debut album, it will come out on December!".



Spanish doom masters DANTALION are in the final stage before finishing their upcoming masterpiece!

The recordings are finished and the band is now in the mix/mastering procession. Expect a huge album, with a bombastic production, full of aggressive riffs and mesmerizing atmospheres!

The front cover is also ready and it’s a classic doom, wonderful image.

"…And All Will Be Ashes" will be released in December 2016.



Italian power metallers KALEDON are in the studio, where they record their next, ninth studio album. It will be released in March 2017.

The band wants to share the following infos with you:

"Kaledon are now in the middle of the recording sessions of their brand new album that, will be released in march 2017 via Sleaszy Rider Records! At the moment the drum parts are completed and, the drummer Manuele di Ascenzo is very proud of his work. In the mean time the guys are working on the guitars.We remember you that this is the third album of the new Kaledon’s way to tell the "Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Saga". This time the entire album will be based on the evil king Carnagus.Expect very strong sounds and completely different respect the classic Kaledon’s style".



Italian dark rockers REGARDLESS OF ME has recently some important line-up changes, and they have now a new rhythm section.

The band stated the following:
"After almost 10 years, I got to tell ya that Regardless Of Me decided to separate friendly from Enrico Cassano and Fulvio Torresani because of personal reasons. We want to thank you mates for great moments spent together playin' music, sharing the stage all over Europe. Nobody knows how it's been magical among us, behind the music and behind the scenes. We're brothers forever and we will never forget all these times. This is a New Era for Regardless Of Me...
…Here comes the Darkness… the new Regardless Of Me’s Legend has just begun, a new black era shall rise… The Grand Duke (bass player) and Dody Psycho The Earthquake (drummer) joined the family, let’s spread a new fuckin’ blood.’’ - Mr Dark, on behalf of Regardless Of Me



19 August, 2016


Today, Friday 19 August 2016 is the release date of a new title: the re-release of "Hear Me Out", the debut album of British doom/death/gothic metallers EVEN VAST.

More infos about this cd you can find in Catalogue and Jukebox sections of our our website and of course you can buy it directly from our e-store!



Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with British black metallers WRITTEN IN TORMENT! This is an one man band hailing from Harrogate (North Yorkshire, England) and play an astonishing style of black metal, mixed with many extreme metal sounds, for fans of Emperor, Bal–Sagoth, Taake, Dissection.

Written in Torment have previously released 2 ep's and one full length album, soon Sleaszy Rider will unleash the second album "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" on CD and LP.

Leviathan, the man behind Written In Torment stated the following comments:

"Written in Torment is proud to announce signing with the mighty Sleaszy Rider Records for the release of the second full length album "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum". With this new deal I look forward to further pushing the boundaries of my songwriting ability and refining the Written in Torment sound to its full potential. Announcements regarding the second album will follow shortly, expect grim things to come!"

Leviathan Aus WIT



After a great co-operation since 2013 with Italians glam/sleaze hard rockers SANDNESS, we re-signed with the band and we will release soon their second album "Higher And Higher", an album that is their next step after their successful debut "Like An Addiction". We will announce soon the release date of "Higher And Higher", that will be released on CD and LP format.



American thrashers NUKEM are in the final preparations of their debut album "The Unholy Trinity". The band revealed the cover and the track-list of the album and many more news/infos, you can read below.

"We wanted to sound like a band, not a bunch of Frankenstein parts quantized by a computer. We wanted to do it the way our idols did it." – Steve Brogden, Vocalist/guitarist.

From the opening track "WarWolf", the debut full length from San Diego’s NUKEM’ "The Unholy Trinity" executes this mission and moves far beyond the individual players to a focused unit.

Brogden’s partners in crime are drummer Norm Leggio (Psychotic Waltz) and bassist Don Lauder who form a rhythm section of military precision.

From the opener "WarWolf" to the closing notes of "Nukem All", the disc bleeds with the vitality of early thrash taken a step further.

While cuts like "Lethal Injection" echo more obscure bands like Exciter while introducing elements that progress the genre’s potential to a higher level of intensity.

"The Unholy Trinity" does not just declare a new era of thrash, it honors its history and brings aforementioned idols into the fold.  Jimmy Durkin (Dark Angel) guest solos on opener "WarWolf", Laura Christine (Warface, Zimmer’s Hole) leaves her mark on on "The Deceiver" and "Nukem All" while Reese Scruggs (Havok) and Craig Locicero (Forbidden, Dress The Dead) trade solos on "The Atomic Age".

The audacity of covering a Sabbath song, much less a deep cut Dio gem, is offset by the confident bordering on cocky execution of the song.  Even the King himself gets thrashed on the cover of "Suspicious Minds".  The reverence for the material and love of the songs are clear in these moments.

The tracklist of the album is the following:

1. WarWolf
2. Evelyn's Awakening 
3. The Atomic Age 
4. The Deceiver 
5. Bloodseeker
6. T.V. Crimes (Black Sabbath Cover)
7. D.O.I.
8. Lethal Injection
9. Lucida Sidera 
10. Nukem All

The video-clip of "Evelyn’s Awakening" premiere today in our official youtube-channel.

Enjoy this amazing video, with a film noir atmosphere, like a classic horror movie and don’t miss as "Evelyn" the well-known actor Nicole Aniston!

"The Unholy Trinity" will be released worldwide in 19 September 2016, in digipack edition.



Czech glam/sleaze rockers NASTY RATZ w

ill appearance in SLEAZE N’ ROLL festival in Athens, Greece, in Saturday 15 October 2016, together with bands like Blackrain, Hell In The Club, For My Addiction and Silked & Stained.

Not sure yet, but Nasty Ratz will play also some more gigs in Greece. More news will be announced soon. By the way, their debut album "First Bite" it’s still hot and available from our e-store!





15 July, 2016


Today, Friday 15 July 2016 is the release date of 4 new titles: the 3rd full album of international death metal super group LIQUID GRAVEYARD ("By Nature So Perverse"), the debut CD of Colombian neoclassical/power metallers ENERGEMA ("The Lion’s Forces"), "Orphans Of Chaos", the fourth album of US power/thrash metallers SHATTER MESSIAH and the re-release of "Sleep Of The Angels" of Greek dark/black metallers ROTTING CHRIST!

By Nature So Perverse

The Lion’s Forces


Orphans Of Chaos

Sleep Of The Angels



More infos about these releases you can find in Catalogue and Jukebox sections of our our website and of course you can buy them directly from our e-store!



We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with both Italians CADAVERIA and NECRODEATH and we will release their upcoming split-EP "Mondoscuro" on vinyl!

The announced EP co-starring CADAVERIA and NECRODEATH, both as distinct bands and as authors of new songs, composed and played together.

In detail, the EP will contain six tracks: two brand new and co-written songs, two covers (Beatles and Type O’ Negative ) and two unusual "exchange of roles", that will see CADAVERIA reinterpreting a classic by NECRODEATH and NECRODEATH performing a CADAVERIA hit. Among the other surprises of "Mondoscuro" there is the participation of Lindsay Schoolcraft from CRADLE OF FILTH, as special guest on vocals.

"Mondoscuro" cover artwork was designed by Italian-Venezuelan digital artist Paolo Perrotta Mazza. The release of "Mondoscuro" EP is expected later this autumn!



Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with Italian black/gothic metallers CADAVERIA and we’ll re-release in early 2017 their second album "Far Away From Conformity" both in CD and vinyl edition. Our re-releases will include an updated front cover and layout, plus some re-recorded songs and maybe other surprises. The correct release and more infos will be announced soon.



Italians REGARDLESS OF ME signed a deal with us and we will release soon their third album, first after 5 years. The band from Milano plays a dark progressive metal and they have 2 more albums released in the past through Locomotive and Unexploded Records. More infos about the album’s title, release date etc will follow soon.



Italian one man’s man band HESPERIA finished the mixes of their upcoming album "Caesar [Roma Vol. I]" and now only the mastering is missing, to complete the whole music process.

As we already announced, a part of vocals have been recorded at the Arena SFERISTERIO (Macerata, MC, Marche, ITALY), you can check some photos below.




Italian glam/hard rockers MR. RIOT will play at Rock In Somma Festival, Italy, in 17 July 2016, with Vision Divine and many more bands! Be there for a really great show!



In the wonderful frame of the open air court of the Mathildis Restaurant, near the Carpineti Castle (open court- Via Castello delle Carpinete, 26 420 33 Carpineti, Reggio Emilia, Italy), on Saturday July 30 2016 , H : 21:00 PM, Ristorante Mathildis and ATARAXIA present "Music of the firmament".

The event includes the concert + drink/food tasting. Price of the event 20 Euro. Reservations are appreciated. In case of bad weather, the concert will take place in the charming medieval style hall of the restaurant.

For reservations, please send your complete names to pando@misterweb.it. You will receive an invitation to be printed and brought with you at the concert. The payment can be made directly at the venue. For rooms or dinner reservations: Mathildis 0522 816327 - 0039 342 3422244

For general informations:
Mathildis Restaurant Website
Mathildis Restaurant Facebook
Facebook Event






28 June, 2016


Today, the re-release of "Unspeakable Cults" of Greek cult black metallers DEVISER is out!

More info about this releases you can find in Catalogue and Jukebox sections of our our website and of course you can buy them directly from our e-store!




20 June, 2016


Today, Monday 20 June 2016 is the release date of 2 new titles: the 3rd full album of Italian metal masters OVERTURES ("Artifacts") and the debut cd of the international deathsters MYTH OF A LIFE ("She Who Invites").


She Who Invites


More infos about these releases you can find in Catalogue and Jukebox sections of our our website and of course you can buy them directly from our e-store!



Greek heavy/dark metallers SNOWBLIND will play at The Crow club, in Athens, Greece on 2nd July 2016, together with Tidal Dreams and Erase. Don’t miss them!



Italian dark/gothic/etherial rockers ATARAXIA will release their brand new album "Deep Blue Firnament" in September 2016 as we informed you last week. The first teaser of the new album is available here:

The band wanted to share some more news and feelings regarding the new album with all of you:

Orietur in tenebris lux tua
From darkness, your light will be born
Life is the way
I will find my own way or I will draw it myself
As I reap what I have sown
I am human and all what happens to other human beings concerns me
Submerged I re-emerge
Through hardships to the stars
Nature heals
Up our hearts
Let the Light shine
Per aspera ad astra
Luceat lux

"In November 2015, we entered our new recording studio without any idea, any thread of notes in mind, completely empty as channels ready to be filled by grace.
Within a period of 7 months, 12 new musical pearls are born driven by a powerful inspiration, free and cleansing as the wind, deep and sensitive as the sea waters, passionate and courageous as a burning flame, rich and welcoming as a fertile land. A force full of nuances, full of scents made us draw this album, so intimate, poetic and, at the same time, majestic. In the darkest nights of our life, obscurity sharpens our subtle sight so we are able to see more clearly the firmament, slivers of insight make us lift our eyes up to the deep blue sky opening our heart and mind to an interior guidance.
DEEP BLUE FIRMAMENT is our trip as sailors before the stars, the firmament is our life-map over a sea of notes, we crossed Autumn, Winter and Spring just to get the destination before the Summer Solstice that’s a door opening on a new phase. These songs bring harmony, magic, awareness and clarity of vision, we are proud to have the chance to share them with you.
Ad maiora!
Towards greater things!"

Track list:
Message to the clouds
Greener than grass
Alexandria part I
Rosso Sangue
Alexandria part II



American thrashers NUKEM complete these days the recordings for the video-clip "Evelyn’s Awakening", the first single of the album, that will be included enhanced as bonus on their debut CD "The Unholy Trinity". Guest star as "Evelyn" is the well-known actor Nicole Aniston!




We are proud to announce that we will release worldwide (under license from Scarlet Records) the last epos of Italian progressive/power metallers SECRET SPHERE "Portrait Of A Dying Heart", an album we released 2 years ago on CD for Greece only. More infos about release date etc, will be announced soon.



The recordings of the vocal parts concludes all recording sessions for the 6th HESPERIA album titled CAESAR [ROMA vol. I], a rock-metal opera based on a concept about Julius Caesar. The album will be released once again by Sleaszy Rider Records.

The final sound will be mixed/mastered once again by DPF Studio .
The vocal recording sessions began on the Ides of March (anniversary of Julius Caesar's death) and ended on April 21 (birth of Rome).
There are many vocal timbres, and voice tracks without the use of fx to change timbre (pitch shifter, octaver, harmonizer, ecc…) 
Hesperia's inclination for unusual recording places (often open spaces) since the 1st album (2003), this time led to choose a place as exceptional as the Arena SFERISTERIO (Macerata, MC, Marche, ITALY).
The voice of the guest tenor singer Christian Bartolacci has been recorded at the ARENA SFERISTERIO, in MACERATA (MC), one of the best place for the Opera in Italy and in the world. 
The sumptuous neoclassical structure of the Arena Sferisterio, organized on three levels with the use of a giant tuscanic order (tuscanic was typical of the architecture in Rome and Etruria), has been the perfect frame for a martial, monumental and operatic album like CAESAR is.
Bartolacci's tenor voice has been recorded catching the natural reverbs of this wonderful and amazing place.
Some photos show the recording session (done with the authorization of "Comune di Macerata, MC") .
The tenor voice has been used on the track "Aegyptvs (Cleopatra's theme)" to create the dialog between Caesar and Cleopatra (this one interpreted by the soprano singer Aeretica from the band Amethista).
The album has been structured on 10 tracks, and every track is preceded by a cinematic intro.
In the next studio report the tracks details will be revealed. To create the sound different guitar tunings have been used: E (track 1-2-3-5-10), D (brani 4 e 6), Drop D (brani 7-8-9).
As for the literature references: of course the works of Julius Caesar (De Bello Gallico, De Bello Civili, De Bello Alexandrino, etc.); on the album there are also a quote from Svetonio (from his "De Vita Caesarum") and two theatrical quotes from William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.
There are many LATIN parts on the album, spoken with the archaic inflection, not the scholastic one (i.e. CAESAR will be pronounced Càisar, not Cèsar).

Some of the guests:
M (True Endless/Skoll)
Ant (Frentrum/Orcrist) 
The tenor singer Christian Bartolacci (Ibridoma/Scala Mercalli) 
The soprano singer Aeretica (Amethista) 
Clemente Cattalani (Sleazer/Scala Mercalli), second solist guitar on "The Ides of March" (Iron Maiden cover)
Shelmerdine (DARK AWAKE), some ambient fx

The official tracklist:
1- Ivlia Gens/Svpremvs Dvx 
2- Trivmviratvm
3- De Bello Gallico
4- Britannia Capta Erit/Alea Iacta Est*
6- Aegyptvs (Cleopatra)
8- Romana Conspiratio (Brvtvs)
9- Divini Praesagii (Romanorvm Deorvm)
10- Le Idi di Marzo**/ Ivlivs Caesar (Divvs et Mythvs)
**theme from "The Ides of March" (Iron Maiden)




10 June, 2016


Today is the release date of the longtime waiting vinyl edition of HOLOCAUST’s masterpiece "Predator". Don’t miss the chance to grab a fine piece of art, looking really wonderful, due the amazing artwork of Swedish amazing artist Andreas Soderlund at mtGrave.com.

Visit our e-store and choose which edition of the LP you like, cause besides the standard black, we have and 3 limited editions as well as standard black!


Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with Italian alternative metallers RED FRACTION and we will release their debut album "Birth" in the few next months. More infos about the release-date etc will follow soon.



Italian sleaze/hard rockers ROXIN' PALACE (featuring members of Headquakes, ex-Revoltons and ex-Elvenking) signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider and we will release in autumn of 2016 their second album "Freaks Of Society". 

Be ready for a rock 'n' roll party, a great album for fans of Motley Crue, Guns 'N Roses, L.A. Guns and Skid Row.



American thrash bastards NUKEM signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider and we will release soon their debut album "The Unholy Trinity". The line-up of the thrash trio from San Diego, California including guitarist/singer STEVE BROGDEN (ex- CAGE, ex-DEATHEVOCATION), drummer NORM LEGGIO (PSYCHOTIC WALTZ, ex- CAGE, ex-BRICK BATH) and bassist Don Lauder.

More infos about release date, guest musicians (and not only!) will be announced soon!



The brand-new album of Italian ethereal/gothic rockers ATARAXIA will be finally entitled "DEEP BLUE FIRMAMENT", and it will be out in September 2016 by Sleaszy Rider Records. More than one hour of music on limited digipack edition and jewel case edition as well as a single on 7" vinyl.

Stay tuned, a teaser with extracts from all the songs will soon be available.



Recently the band called back the man who already has been a part of it a couple of times playing gigs with Bullet-Proof, replacing the founding member of the band Diego Polli, the previous bass player. But now he's taken a place which really belongs to him – the lead guitar. Welcome back Max Pinkle!



23 May, 2016


American (New Haven, Connecticut) melodic hard rock sensations ST. JAMES, feat. drummer Carl Canedy of THE RODS signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider. Their debut album "Resurgence" will be released soon on cd and LP format and it's a perfect blend of sounds for fans of Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith.

The tracklist will be as following:

1. Attitude
2. Worth Fighting For
3. This Distance
4. Let It Rain
5. What's Your Situation
6. The Road
7. Rattled Bad
8. Castles in the Sand
9. Shelter Me
10. Somewhere Between Here and There
11. Toughest I can Take
12. In Your Heart
13. Aint It Sad
14. Princess of Pain
15. Crimes of the Heart
16. Inside The Outside
17. Fluffy Through The Hoop

"It was frustrating as hell. Like having a dirty little secret you want to share with everyone yet can’t tell anyone." Carl Canedy, March 2016

Now, twenty-five years later, with the pending release of his band, St. James’ new record, Resurgence, the well-known drummer/ producer is letting that dirty little secret out.

"Back in the nineties I was the drummer for the band St. James. We wrote and recorded a ton of songs. I played drums on every track. And we were about as tight as any band I’ve been in." Canedy tells us.

It started when guitarist/ songwriter, Jimmy Jacobs, along with his brother, Robert Jacobs on bass and singer, John James put together a five song demo.

"I knew of Carl as the drummer for The Rods. When I heard of his work as a producer, particularly with Anthrax, I sent him the songs." says bassist, Robert Jacobs. "Before we knew it we were in an Upstate New York studio.
Canedy’s drumming and production skills proved to be a perfect fit. The four became fast friends and in the studio, creativity exploded. In that first session, five songs quickly turned into ten. And in no time at all, the group had amassed a huge catalog of material.

But just as the band thrived in the studio, when it came to touring they had hit a brick wall.

Canedy’s skills as a producer were in high demand and with a steady flood of obligations, there was no way he could take off on an extended tour.
"It was a drag. No matter how much we tried, the schedules never lined up." singer John James adds. "We had to get out and play these songs but at the same time we didn’t want to say that our real drummer couldn’t make it. So we kept Carl’s playing a secret and used several different guys to fill in for the live shows."

The band went on to develop a huge following but still felt there was never the same energy as when the core members, the one that had put their blood, sweat and tears into creating the songs, had played together.
Time passed and it looked like the secret would never get out…

Until recently, when Canedy stumbled onto a cache of old St. James recording.

"I listened to a bunch of the songs and felt like this stuff was just too good to never be released. The writing, the playing, the production, even after all this time they still hold up."

This time everything fell into place perfectly. With just a few phone calls, all four original members of St. James were on board and wheels were set in motion.

Now, twenty-five years later, the dirty little secret is out. With seventeen newly remastered tracks, St. James’ Resurgence is about to be released..
And what of the prospects of Jimmy, Carl, Robert and John finally taking the stage together for the first time?

"Whereas years ago things just never lined up for us, this time it’s all falling into place perfectly. It’s gonna happen. It really is, but that’s for the next story." says Jimmy Jacobs with a broad smile.




We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with the Italian power metallers KALEDON (feat. singer Michele Guaitoli of Overtures since 2014) and we will release their new, 9th album during 2016. More infos will follow soon.




Sleaszy Rider signed a deal with the black/death metallers NATHORG, coming from Iran and we will release their new 2nd album in the few next months. More infos will follow soon.




We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with the Norwegian black metallers ANCIENT and we re-release on both cd and LP format their long time ago sold out and hard to find "Trolltaar" mini album with bonus tracks.
We will release also on LP the 2 other titles we released back in 2005 on cd only: "Det Glemte Riket" and "Eerily Howling Winds-The Antediluvian Tapes"!




Greek neoclassical/heavy/power metal band of ANGELO PERLEPES’ MYSTERY signed a deal with our label and we will release soon their upcoming mini-cd of the band, plus we will re-release also the 2 first albums of the band "Mystery" and "’Tales…" which were originally released more than 20 years ago!

We signed also a deal with VERSUS, the band which formed by virtuoso guitarist Angelo Perlepes in the late 70s. Their debut, unreleased album will be release officially by Sleaszy Rider in the few next months, re-recorded, but keeping the 70’s feeling and sound. More infos for all these releases will be announced soon!




Italian heavy/prog metallers OVERTURES finished the brand new video-clip for the self-titled track of their upcoming album "Artifacts".

The band posted the following statement:

"We promised it. Here it comes.
‘Artifacts‘, filmed by Breaking Schemes, is the new official videoclip taken from the second and title-track of our upcoming album.
"Artifacts are mementos of our past that transcend time and carnal fragility".
The amazing work made by director Aurora Ovan couldn’t express in a better way what our song and our album are willing to leave in your mind. Go beyond the music. Follow our words and our harmonies, feel the inner meanings of this amazing piece of art.


‘Artifacts‘ will be worldwide released on May 27th by Sleaszy Rider Records and its tracklist will be the following:

01 Repentance
02 Artifacts
03 Gold
04 As candles we burn
05 Profiled
06 Unshared worlds
07 My Refuge
08 New dawn, new dusk
09 Teardrop 
10 Angry Animals
11 Savior – Alternative version


Artifacts‘ cover artwork was realised by the German award-winning artist Franziskus Pfleghart. The mastering process was made by Olaf Reitmeier at Gate Studios, Germany."

In other important band’s news, OVERTURES will play at GODZ OF METAL festival in Italy and in many more festivals and gigs:
Overtures will be sharing the stage with Rammstein, Korn, Megadeth, Gamma Ray, Sixx:A.M., Halestorm, The Shrine, Jeff Angell’s Staticland and Planethard as openers for the Gods Of MetalFestival 2016, on 2 June 2016.
The Gods of Metal Festival will be the first Italian show where they will play part of the new album Artifacts!

And last but not least, Overtures will be opening the SpazioRock.it Festival 2016, sharing the stage with Stratovarius, Powerwolf, Rhapsody, Iron Savior, Domine and Elvenking!




Spanish doom/death leaders DANTALION will release their new, sixth cd in late 2016.

The band annouces the title of the album, which will be ".... And All Will Be Ashes" and it’s ready to enter the studio for the recordings. And we are all ready for another melodic death/doom masterpiece! More infos will be announced soon.




Italian thrashers BULLET-PROOF will be one of the support bands to the upcoming show (30 July 2016) of American legendary thrashers TESTAMENT in Milano, Italy. Be there!


The band has some more important shows during this summer, check the complete list on our Gigs section.




Japanese death metallers ARES will be the support band to the upcoming show (18 June 2016)of Swedish death metallers THE DUSKFALL in Kyoto city, Japan. Be there!



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Higher & Higher




Sanatana Dharma


The Wastelands


The Wastelands


…And All Will Be Ashes


In the Name of Justice


Higher & Higher






Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum












Novus Mundus


Freaks Of Society


Deep Blue Firmament


The Wastelands




The Unholy Trinity


Hear Me Out


Sleep Of The Angels


By Nature So Perverse


Orphans Of Chaos


The Lion’s Forces


Unspeakable Cults










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