PHLEBOTOMY started as a death metal band under the name of Paralysis. Together with other greek bands such as Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Necromantia, and Nightfall they started to spread their name in the local and global underground scene.
In 1993 rather quickly after Beyond The Chaos demo, PARALYSIS morphed into PHLEBOTOMY and became a 5-piece band as Andreas Bereris (guitar) joined in along with Tolis from LEGION OF DOOM. With this line-up they released Promo ’93 that was sent to labels and mags. They had plans to release a split 7” EP with PSYCHIC CRUSH (later VORPHALACK) but in the end both bands agreed to make their own single, so PHLEBOTOMY released Dawn of Grief EP on December ’93. They managed to create a great piece of doom/death enriched with occult synths, ethereal female vocals, brutal grunts and an arcane atmosphere similar to early CELESTIAL SEASON, THE GATHERING and PHLEBOTOMIZED…..
The next year they recorded the Voluptuous demo which drew the attention of Holy Records label and they again changed their name to ‘On Thorns I Lay’ in reference to Shakespeare.
On September 2022, Stefanos (Vocals) founder of the band, left On Thorns I Lay for personal reasons and decided to recreate the legendary PHLEBOTOMY, with some new and some x-members of the band.. Finally Phlebotomy are back after 27 years ,with dreams and true passion for Atmospheric Doom Death metal..
And the first step after signing with Sleaszy Rider is the release of “From Golgotha We Rise”, a compilation cd that includes the songs of their 7″ vinyl and their demos. Release date: 10 March 2023