We are glad to announce our signing with CORAX!

Corax is a new black metal project from Greece, existing by Yiannis “Morker” Chariskos on drums and Kostas “Corax” Katoikos on guitars, bass, vocals and lyrics. Kostas is a mutltitalented musician who already collaborates with our label, through his other bands like Blossom Death, In Burial, Anachrist (and Sorrowful Angels in the past).

The band is preparing their debut EP “Spread The Occult” and the recordings, mixes and mastering of it take place at CFN Recording Studios in Athens, by Dion Christodoulatos (Sorrowful Angels).

First single and video of this EP is “Bewitched”, a classic oldschool black metal expert, for fans of Darkthrone!

More infos about the exact release date of “Spread The Occult” and other updates, we will announce soon!


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