The brand-new album of ATARAXIA, the 26th album of their carreer!!!
The ethereal/dark rock/neofolk/gothic/neoclassical Italian legends return 2 years after “Deep Blue Firmament”, with a new masterpiece!
“Synchronicity Embraced” is a step forward on Ataraxia’s music, with a progressive touch, experimenting in new frequencies and new forms and new emotions!
A must for all music lovers!
Available in a deluxe digipack edition!


Prayer Of The Archangel
Rose Of The Wild Forces
Chiron Quartz
La Vista Del Bardo
Synchronicity Embraced

Synchronicity Embraced

Release Date : 09-11-2018
Artist : Ataraxia
Genres : Dark - Ambient, Etherial, Gothic, Neoclassical, Neofolk
Catalog ref. : SR-0237
Format : CD