This is old-school, true, traditional, classic FUCKING HEAVY METAL!!

BLIND JUSTICE are back from the dead, after 25 years in silence, and with refreshed line-up (feat. members of Snowblind, Spitfire, Power Crue, Heart Attack, ex-Nightfall), they re-recorded the best tracks of their 3 demos (on early ‘90s) and with a new track and a cover of Manowar’s ‘’Master Of The Wind’’, they deliver us metal classic!


You Ain’t Got The Guts
Cursed By The Angels
Heavy Metal Revolution
Eternal Skies
Greek Warrior
World’s Destruction
Kingdom Of The Gods
Hell Of The War
A Night With An Angel
Born For The Underground
Master Of The Wind

In The Name Of Justice

Release Date : 20-12-2016
Artist : Blind Justice
Genre : Heavy Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0183
Format : CD