The fifth album of the Russian legends of pagan/black metal! A worldwide re- release, which was released three years ago in the territory of Russia only through Irond Records. Guest appearance by Manni Schmidt (Grave Digger) among others! A must for all fans of epic, pagan and folk metal! Featuring bonus track and cd-rom with photos and videos!


The Halls of Stillness
The Wolves’ Shepherd
A Carol of The Freewind
To Remember The Light Of Oblivion
The Times of Mara
By Night’s Cold, By Moonlight…
The Homecoming
The Darling (bonus)
Vikinytid (video)

The Times Of Mara

Release Date : 14-07-2008
Artist : Butterfly Temple
Genre : Pagan Black Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0078
Format : CD