A split-release between 2 of the pioneers of Italian extreme metal scene! The result of the united forces of CADAVERIA and NECRODEATH is “Mondoscuro”, a very unique release, where each band covers the other, they present from an own track each, and cover some well-known tracks too.
A die-hard vinyl release for die-hard metal fans!


Mater Tenebrarum (Cadaveria)
Spell (Necrodeath)
Dominion Of Pain (Cadaveria)
Rise Above (Necrodeath)
Christian Woman (Cadaveria)
Helter Skelter (Necrodeath)


Release Date : 28-02-2017
Artists : Cadaveria, Necrodeath
Genres : Black / Death Metal, Extreme metal, Horror metal
Catalog ref. : SR-LP-005
Format : Vinyl