The second album of CANEDY (feat. the well known drummer CARL CANEDY of THE RODS and ex-MANOWAR), is a heavy metal manifest!
In these strange times, “Warrior” comes to hit the metal community and to show how the heavy metal music should be played and sounds.
HEAVY METAL with balls, with melodies, with hooks, with amazing riffs, with refrains, with power and glory, with epic tunes, knowledge, experience, but with excitement and furious rhythms!
Everything (production included) sounds so perfect, so oldschool, but so modern in parallel!
This is one of the highlights of 2020, an album that no one should miss!
For fans of The Rods, Manowar, Dio, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Manilla Road, Omen.
Available as limited digipack cd and vinyl LP.


Do It Now
Not Even Love
3rd Times A Charm
In This SIgn
Out For Blood
The Prize


Release Date : 14-08-2020
Artist : Canedy
Genre : Heavy Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0255
Format : CD