“Thy Blackest Love – The Early Years”

Not many details and informations are needed to present DEVISER!

Pioneers of Greek black metal since 1989, the band is still active releasing superb albums and spreading chaos!

Just before the release of their debut album “Unspeakable Cults”, Deviser released the infamous demo “Thy Blackest Love”, one of the best demos ever, that received enthusiastic reviews worldwide and was the reason for signing with Mascot Records back in 1996.

In 2003 we released “Thy Blackest Love – The Early Years”, a cd that included the 3 demo tracks of “Thy Blackest Love”, plus 5 unreleased songs.

This compilation is sold out for years, so we decided to re-release it now as a 20-years anniversary edition, in digipack cd, remastered and with refreshed artwork!




12 May 2023


1 The Fire Burning Bright
2 Threnody
3 2000 Years Of Lies
4 Self Ignition
5 Turned To Stoned
6 Descend Among The Damned
7 Forbidden Knowledge
8 Into His Unknown

DEVISER “Thy Blackest Love – The Early Years” 20-years anniversary edition, remastered, digipack

Release Date : 12-05-2023
Artist : Deviser
Catalog ref. : SR-0312
Format : CD, CD, Digital Download