“Cara Os Ceios Incrementes”

The second full album of Spanish metallers DIOIVO!

Hailing from Vigo, Galicia, the powerful duet created another great album! Combining melodic black metal with thrash, progressive and folk metal elements, “Cara Os Ceios Incrementes” is an album that releases not every day! Really unique and original, with a personal and esoteric feeling, includes music not for the masses!

For fans of Ulver, Borknagar, Ensiferum, Rotting Christ, Mileth, Kathaarsis, Xerion, Mago De Oz.




9 JUNE 2023


1 Que Importa que nos Craven as Cadeas
2 Cabeiros
3 Hai Sede na Nova Galicia
4 Falsos Heroes
5 A Viaxe
6 Paranoia
7 O Rei
8 Ata o final
9 Retorno a Tagen Ata
10 Unha de Guerra
11 Ata o Final

DIOIVO “Cara Os Ceios Incrementes” (SR-0318)

Release Date : 09-06-2023
Artist : DIOIVO
Catalog ref. : SR-0318
Format : CD, CD, Digital Download