Second album of the Colombian metallers, featuring the guitar hero Nicholas Waldo! “World Of Zionix” is the second, logical step of the band, featuring inspired power metal, mixed with neoclassical style, shredding metal and melodic heavy!
For fans of Helloween, Yng. Malmsteen, Gamma Ray, Impelliteri, Michael Angelo Batio and Theodore Ziras.


At The Gates Of The Justice Sun-Overture
World Of Zionix
The Z-Cyphers
Angel Dust
March Of Varnir
Blue Fire Torch
The Hermit Of Telvan
Energema: Fire Of Creation
Energema: Fire Of Creation (altern. version feat. Fernando Neri on vocals) * bonus track

World Of Zionix

Release Date : 12-01-2018
Artist : Energema
Genres : Neoclassical Metal, Power Metal, Shred Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0207
Format : CD