Re-release of the debut of these Italian dark rockers!

Recorded in August 1998 at Beaufort Recording Studio, Bovenkarspel, Holland, mastered at PKM Studio, Vercelli, Italy and originally released in 1999, “Hear Me Out” is a mix of atmopsheric metal, gothic metal, doom and dark rock!

Remastered by Luca Martello, band’s guitarist at Major Oak Audio Mastering (Nottingham, UK), 2016.

Including 3 bonus, live tracks and new amazing artwork design by Vergvoktre.

For fans of: Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, Joy Division, Moonspell.


Never Hear Me
Once Again
The One You Wish
Foolish Game
Believe Me
The One You Wish* (live in Italy, 1999)
Once Again* (live in Italy, 1999)
Over* (live in Italy, 1999)

* bonus tracks

Hear Me Out

Release Date : 19-08-2016
Artist : Even Vast
Genres : Dark Metal, Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0174
Format : CD