Hans Ziller (BONFIRE) reformed EZ LIVIN’ after 20+ years of silence and with new line-up, feat. members of BANGALORE CHOIR, ACCEPT, RAINBOW, TANGO DOWN SEVEN WITCHES and BONFIRE, he created an amazing AOR/hard ’n’ heavy diamond! Recommended for fans of Bonfire, Bangalore Choir, Whitesnake and Black Sabbath (Dio years). Includes a cover version of URIAH HEEP’s “Easy Living”.

Exclusive licensed for Greece!

That’s How He Works
Loaded Gun
White Lightning
Let’s Fly Away
Easy Living
The Damage Is Done
Too Late
Into The Night
Let’s Fly Away (director’s cut)


Release Date : 04-03-2014
Artist : Ez Livin'
Genres : Hard 'N' Heavy, Hard Rock, Melodic Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0130
Format : CD