METALLVM ITALICVM is the last part of a concept divided in four albums, entitled “Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis”. This title stands for Virgilio’s Roman epic poem “Metal Consacration of ENEIDE. METALLVM ITALICVM is a Colossal Metal Epopea, an album MANIFESTO about the spiritual/cultural/musical genre called METALLVM ITALICVM (Italic Metal). Epic/operatical black metal with elements of plenty metal styles. Featuring guest appearances among others:
Knjaz Varggoth (NOKTURNAL MORTUM), Mario “The Black” Di Donato (REQUIEM, THE BLACK), “M” (The True ENDLESS, SKOLL), Gianluca Mandolesi (CENTVRION), Marco Vitali (IBRIDOMA), Mancan (ECNEPHIAS), Chiara Malvestiti (CRYSALYS), Christian Bartolacci (IBRIDOMA, SCALA MERCALLI).

Including bonus multimedia stuff.
Available in limited slipcase+poster edition of 1000 copies.


Incipit: Aeneidos Apotheosis
De Bello Italico I
De Bello Italico II
Interludium I: Ave Metallvm Italicvm
Metallvm Italicvm I
Metallvm Italicvm II
Interludium II: Ave Hesperia
Hesperia’s Triumphator
Apotheosis: Roma Incipit

Metallvm Italicvm

Release Date : 31-01-2015
Artist : Hesperia
Genre : Black Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0149
Format : CD