The 4th album of Italian black one-man-band HESPERIA is a manifesto about the rebirth of the true ancient Italic spirit and was recorded in the ancient castle of Pievefaver built, over the ruins of the ancient roman town of Faveria. Dramatical, epic, pagan, atmospheric, intricated and multi-sound black metal that will surprise you!

Incl. bonus multimedia section and other stuff. The first 100 copies include a golden twig of Laurus!!!


Praeludium Sibylla
Spiritvs Patris
Interludium I: Nova Invocatio Musae
Interludium II: Ave Spiritvs Italicvs
Spiritvs Italicvs I
Spiritvs Italicvs II
Postludium: Ad Metallvm Italicvm

Spiritvs Italicvs (Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis Part III)

Release Date : 23-12-2013
Artist : Hesperia
Genre : Black Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0128
Format : CD