Greek brutal death metallers IN UTERO CANNIBALISM return with their new, 5th (4th full length) album “Butcher While Others Obey”. Drummer/mainman Alex and singer Bill created a monster and with sessions musicians completed this hellish nightmare! Furious death metal like their previous albums, but this time they have many more thrash and old school death elements! Enter to their show and obey at least the massacre!


Silent Abuse
Dawn Of Devotees
For Those Who Defy
Butcher While Others Obey
Vile Blessings
Born To Degenerate
In Cold Despair
Solitude Eternal
The Mutants
Static Empire

Butcher While Others Obey

Release Date : 08-05-2015
Artist : In Utero Cannibalism
Genre : Brutal Death Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0147
Format : CD