“Untamed Souls”

“Untamed Souls” is the solo album of Marco Cusato, mastermind of gothic rock/metal outfit Somberwind!
MARCO CUSATO is the singer, guitarist and mastermind of THE FALLACY and SOMBERWIND. In Somberwind he collaborates with extraordinaire singer CATERINA NIX (of CHAOS MAGIC) and their debut album “Remain” has been released by Sleaszy Rider SRL on 2021. Now, while preparing the second Somberwind album, Marco worked as soloist and completed “Untamed Souls”, a solo album that dives into the dark soul of gothic music. Classic and modern in parallel, with dark, gothic and some metal sounds, where you can recognize Mr. Cusato’s talent.

For fans of Somberwind, The Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission, Moonspell, Fields Of The Nephilim, Chaos Magic, Love Like Blood, Lacrimosa, Type O Negative and Saviour Machine!






2 February 2024



1 Silent Rite
2 Legend
3 Out
4 Everlasting Ordeal
5 Pain Of Salvation
6 The Void In Your Soul
7 Burn The Witch Tonigh
8 Stalker Doll
9 The Dark Is Full
10 A False Ritual
11 Ghostly Visions

MARCO CUSATO “Untamed Souls” (SR-0331)

Release Date : 02-02-2024
Artist : Marco Cusato
Genres : darkwave, Gothic, Gothic Metal, gothic rock
Catalog ref. : SR-0331
Format : CD, CD