After their “First Bite”, it’s time for the “Second Chance?” of Czech glam/hard rockers NASTY RATZ!
This is absolutely a must album for all hard rock/glam/sleaze/hair metal fans: on ”Second Chance?”, they have melodic and wonderful riffs on guitars, great anthemic refrains, passionate vocals and more mature and inspired songs, the band seems ready to conquer the hard rock world!
For fans of Motley Crue, Ratt, L.A. Guns, Vain, Crazy Lixx, Crash Diet, KISS, Pretty Boy Floyd and Poison!


The Waste
Against The World
Let’s Drive
Right Now
The Last Kiss
Watch Your Back
Pop Sh*t
Street Kids
Price Of Love
Poetic Justice

Second Chance?

Release Date : 24-03-2020
Artist : Nasty Ratz
Genres : Glam / Sleaze, Hair Metal, Hard Rock
Catalog ref. : SR-0231
Format : CD, Digital Download, Vinyl