American band NIGHTBREAK hailing from Bronx, New York, but they don’t play rap music. Leading by talented singer/guitarist TODD VERNI, they play a melodic metal with many hard rock elements, and some alternative/grunge touches. Their 2nd album “Wicked Angel” is recorded and released in 2015. We re-release it now with brand new artwork (made by fine Greek artist Yiannis Pavlidis).
Featuring guest appearance by John Kirk, guitarist of BANGALORE CHOIR!
Including a cover version of “Beat It” of Michael Jackson.
For fans of: Skid Row, KISS, Motley Crue, Radakka, Metallica, AC/DC, Van Halen, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains!


Wicked Angel
Missing You
Long Way Down
Beat It
Face In The Dirt

Wicked Angel

Release Date : 31-12-2020
Artist : Nightbreak
Genre : Hard Rock
Catalog ref. : SR-0260
Format : CD