Amazing debut album of this amazing Greek newcomers!
Featuring members/ex-members of Sound Of Silence, Womb Of Maggots and Inactive Messiah, PASSENGERS IN PANIC deliver a unique music style: they combine progressive metal and Greek folk/traditional music, using many unusual metal instruments, like accordion, violin, lute, bagpipe, kaval and with female vocals, they created an album that you haven’t ever listen to anything similar!
Awesome tracks, with a social lyrical background, complete this very interesting album for every music lover!
Featuring a cover version of “Tsampasin”, a famous Pontian (Greek) traditional/folk song.
For fans of: Ataraxia, Agalloch, Ulver, The Moon And The Night Spirit, Diamanda Galas, Rotting Christ, Villagers Of Ioannina City, Wardruna, Madrugada.
“The Next Big Thing Of Greek folk metal!” Greek Rock Hard magazine


The Undertaking
No Ghosts
Life At It’s Best
Gang Of Stares
Leap Of Faith
To Stain

Passengers In Panic

Release Date : 15-01-2021
Artist : Passengers In Panic
Genres : Folk Metal, Progressive Μetal
Catalog ref. : SR-0259
Format : CD, Vinyl