3rd album of Italian power metallers!
“Bleeding Hands” is a great album, a modern power metal release, that mix melodic heavy melodies, power metal cliches and neoclassical guitar elements.
Recorded at own Burning studios by Steve Volta (Pandaemonium, Pino Scotto), guitarist and leader of the band.
Featuring an amazing cover on ”Tush” of ZZ Top.
Astonishing cover and artwork by Argentinian artist and musician Rodrigo Gudina (Ariadna Project) at Core76 studio.


Psycho Cancer
Queen Of Honor
Bloody Apple
Look Beyond The Night
When You’re Dead
Crimson Twilight
Let The Snow
A New World Begins

Bleeding Hands

Release Date : 23-06-2017
Artist : Perpetual Fire
Genres : Neoclassical Metal, Power Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0203
Format : CD