Re-release of the 5th official album of Greek metal gods!

This is one of the best albums of their career, a dark masterpiece!

As usually you find here all their trademarks: amazing song-writing, great riffs and vocals by Sakis, dark/epic atmospheres, fast tracks combined with mid-tempo rhythms in others, majestic black and melodic death elements, a dark and melancholic, chaotic underworld!

Including a cover of “Lucifer Over London” of Current 93.

Available as limited digipack edition, including 2 bonus tracks!


Thou Art Blind
If It Ends Tomorrow
My Sacred Path
Art Of Sin
Lucifer Over London
Law Of The Serpent
You Are I
Time Stands Still
Glory Of Sadness
Thou Art Blind (Live In Hellas) * bonus track
You Are I (Live In Hellas) * bonus track


Release Date : 12-04-2017
Artist : Rotting Christ
Genres : Black Metal, Dark Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0195
Format : CD