Released for first time back in 2005 and only in the territory of Russia, this album is now re-released worldwide to show you the progress of SATARIAL from a black metal band to more electro/medieval/folk/metal oriented formation! Unusual sounds and rhythms, diversiform vocals, German lyrics… and a booklet full with photos of their sex-shows at their gigs! An album for all open-minded music fans.

Nachkommenschaften Der Rosses
Der Wolf
Aufleckenen Das Blut
Brennen Das Leben
Schenke Geliebte Der Tod
Engel Der Tod
Du Stirbst
Ruf Der Wolfen Blut

Tanz Mit…Tod

Release Date : 09-05-2011
Artist : Satarial
Genres : Black Metal, Electro, Folk Metal, Gothic Metal, Industrial, Medieval Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0101
Format : CD