The debut album of Canadian death metal/groovy/deathcore band SELIAS!
Combining elements of Melodic Death Metal, Groove Metal, and Metal, SELIAS delivers a sonic experience that is as diverse as it is powerful. Helmed by songwriters Steve Elias and Aman Virdi, the band pushes the boundaries of the genre with their dynamic range of skills and unbridled passion for heavy music. “HEADSHOT” is a journey through the depths of the human psyche, with each track offering a glimpse into past situations or stories from distant worlds. From blistering riffs to haunting vocals, SELIAS captivates listeners with their ability to blend aggression and melody seamlessly.

For fans of Pantera, As I Lay Dying, Sepultura, Five Finger Death Punch, Machine Head, Lamb Of God, Stampin’ Ground, In Flames, Soilwork, Killswitch Engage, and Parkway Drive

Available in limited deluxe digipack edition.


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Release date:

5 July 2024



1 Grateful
2 Guilty
3 Headshot
4 Revenga
5 Interlude
6 Clipped Wings
7 Mega
8 Twisted Path
9 Conclusion

SELIAS “Headshot” (SR-0343)

Release Date : 05-07-2024
Artist : SELIAS
Catalog ref. : SR-0343
Format : CD, CD