The 2:nd album of Italian horror masters SHOWSTRIPSILENCE will blow your minds and terrify you!

The album includes 13 songs of hard rock ‘n’ horror attitude, amazing performance, great melodies, razor-riffs and refrains you like to sing all day (and night)!

For fans of Ministry, Backyard Babies, Danzig, Motörhead and Hardcore Superstar, this album could be the perfect soundtrack for any splatter/horror movie!


Bloody Fair
The Creature
Kill Kill! Baby Kill
Sweet Vampira
Night Of The Ghouls
Slaughterhouse Motel
Drunk Of Blood
Scared To Death
Zombie In Love
The Black Cat
Saint Coruvo Lagoon

Thirteen Tales Of Love And Death

Release Date : 03-01-2012
Artist : Showstripsilence
Genres : Heavy Rock, Horror metal, Horror Rock, Rock 'N Roll, Shock Rock
Catalog ref. : SR-0112
Format : CD