Snowblind return after 4 years in silence with their fifth album.

“One Epic Metal Requiem” will not surprise you, if you know what Snowblind means: traditional heavy metal, with some dark/death touches which will remind you of bands like Sentenced or Mike G.’s ex-band Nightfall, plus epic atmospheres. Don’t forget Mike G.’s aggressive voice, amazing guitars with classic metal riffs, and many melodic lines!  

Including a cover-version of Raw Silk’s “Heroes Don’t Cry” and a re-recorded version of “Adagio” that was included in Mike G.’s solo instrumental album “The Black Gibson Soundtrack” (SR-0031).


Archangels Return
A Light In The Darkness
The Earth Is On Fire
From The Heart Comes The Glory
Magic Crown
Soldier Without A War
Fire Of The Sun
The Legends Never Die
For Freedom We Die
Frozen In Time
We Never Hide
Heroes Don’t Cry
Adagio 2015 [hidden bonus track]

One Epic Metal Requiem

Release Date : 03-04-2015
Artist : Snowblind
Genres : Dark Metal, Heavy Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0151
Format : CD