After 4 years of silence the Athenian deathsters (featuring ex-members of Rotting Christ, Thou Art Lord, Obsecration etc) returns with a new line-up and with even more blood thirst. On their second opus Soulskinner shows all of you how brutal death metal should be played – with guts, amazing production, killer riffs, blastbeats and ultra brutal vocals, straight into your fucking face! A buy and die release!


Echoes of Sickness
Age of Terror
Land of Gore
Non Stop Killing
Not My God
Absolute Terror
The Final Journey
Conception of Fear
Circle of the Impious Mortals
Manmade Predators

Non Stop Killing

Release Date : 30-11-2007
Artist : Soulskinner
Genre : Death Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0066
Format : CD