The first full length album of NWOBHMetallers DICK SMITH BAND! “We Mean It” includes 5 new tracks, all their singles and 2 bonus live tracks from 1981!
Remastered at Eve Mastering studio in Manchester, UK.
A must for all NWOBHM collectors! For fans of Holocaust, Diamond Head, Def Leppard, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Blitzkrieg, Dark Heart, Praying Mantis.


Givin The Game Away
The Tribe
Changing Places
Way Of The World
Cigar Shaped Thing
Motorway Madness (live)
The Wanderer (live)
Body Heat
Motorway Madness

We Mean It

Release Date : 29-01-2019
Artist : The Dick Smith Band
Genre : NWOBHM
Catalog ref. : SR-0241
Format : CD