The 5th album of Greek guitar shredder THEODORE ZIRAS is a new masterpiece!

Except Theodore, who played all guitars and bass, this time you will find Christian Nativo (drums, VANISHING POINT) as full member as well as guest musicians Sergey Boykov (keyboards, SHADOW CRY) and Andy James (guitars, SACRED MOTHER TONGUE).

More brutal, modern and catchy, melodic and fast – this instrumental album is a must for all guitar freaks, a seminar for all shredders!


Tearing Apart
Chaos I.M.F.
Liquid Fire
Alex Left The Building
Future Waves
Into The Rush
Transition Game
Monster 5

Monster 5

Release Date : 10-10-2011
Artist : Theodore Ziras
Genres : Heavy Metal, Instrumental, Shred Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0111
Format : CD