“From The Earth To The Moon”

The 2nd album of Turkish thrash metallers TRENCHWAR (feat. members of doom/death metallers Forgotten)!
Including more brutal sounds and vocals than in their debut album “Criminal Organizations”, Trenchwar are here to show with their music the brutality and violence of today’s average life worldwide.

Including a cover version of Led Zeppelin’s classic “Communication Breakdown”.


Catalogue Number:



Release Date;

8 March 2024



1 Tax Corruption
2 From The Earth To The Moon
3 Shock Doctrine
4 Benevolent Businessmen
5 The Nailing Killer
6 Trash Not Thrash
7 Communication Breakdown
8 In The Grip Of Cult

TRENCHWAR “From The Earth To The Moon” (SR-0336)

Release Date : 08-03-2024
Artist : Trenchwar
Catalog ref. : SR-0336
Format : CD, CD, Digital Download