The band returns with their sophomore full-length, concept album “The Science of Self-Defeat” 6 years after their debut album. The band is fusing melodic death metal and blackened thrash in an apocalyptic sci-fi experience in the tradition of DARKANE, ZYKLON, DIMENSION ZERO and HYPOCRISY. Painstakingly crafted to harness the raw aggression of extreme metal within the lyrical theme of each song, “The Science of Self-Defeat” demands the listeners full attention.


The Technocrat
Future Devourer
Shadows Across Glass
Phoenix on Frozen Wings
Burial at Sea
A Sea of Stars
Dreaming Infinity’s fall
Awaken Into Agony
Serpent Birth
Exiled from Existence

The Science Of Self-Defeat

Release Date : 04-07-2011
Artist : Under Eden
Genre : Death Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0110
Format : CD