Who are we and where do we come from?
Well the story begins a bit like a horror movie script!
Members of a hard-rock band empty “a few” bottles of beer before rehearsal.
So far, so good, but nothing stunningly unusual.
Two packs of beers later, the guys transform into unmanageable enthusiastic teenagers and have fun
slaughtering pop-rock songs with the Marshalls cranked to 11!
Then comes Billie Jean and …
The electric singer gets electrocuted!
Considering the usual seriousness of this wild-eyed fire-king, surely it was a sketch or a wind-up when we
heard him scream (even louder than usual), glued to both his mic and his guitar.
Sparks were flying though so guitarist Chris was the first to react that all was not well!
He first thought of hitting his singer with his guitar but then decided to stomp on the power outlet
instead and … silence.
But the singer was gone, slumped among the drums into which he had collapsed. Very ‘Iggy’ you might
say but not in a good way!
Luckily, there was a bottle of Whiskey handy and he was quickly revived…
Later that night (well, early in the morning) the inspiration came to record a “sleaze-metal” version of
Billie Jean (sacrilege you may cry!), whose video reaches, at the time of writing, almost 200,000 views on
To follow up on this we decided (even without electrocuting a band member!) on a second cover (Devil
Inside by INXS), which has exceeded 165,000 views.
Jumping forward to our post-pandemic apocalyptic world of 2021, the first Video clip of an original
composition by VOODOO ANGEL “Wake Me When It’s Done” was released.
The video has already reached 1750,000 views in only a few months, with 99% of likes!
We swear to keep our singer away from the wall-sockets!
To date, VOODOO ANGEL have already opened for artists such as Uli Jon Roth and reached the first 5
places of the international Metal ranking on Reverbnation, benefited from numerous programs on The
Launch Pad Life Fan Vote, won numerous contests via Reverbation and were programmed on numerous
US and European radio stations.