We are super excited to announce that we came to an agreement and signed a record deal with the legendary FLAMES, the Godfathers of Greek metal!


Flames founded back in 1984, and they are without doubt the first “extreme” metal band came out from Greece. Having 7 full albums so far, with last one “Resurgence”, that was released 26 years after “In Agony Rise” (1996), and with countless concerts during the years, they were a strong influence for many thrash, death and even black metal bands worldwide, especially in Skandinavia, where there still speaking about the glory and the legacy of Flames in the metal scence!

Right now Flames preparing their upcoming, untitled yet, album, that will be released during 2025 and they couldn’t find a better partner than Sleaszy Rider SRL to release it!

More news and informations will be announce soon!


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