We are glad to announce the triumphant return of Greek brutal death metallers IN UTERO CANNIBALISM after 8 years of silence!

We re-signed a multialbum deal with this amazing band and on 7th April 2023, we will release their brand new album “Back To The Basics”!

Deathsters In Utero Cannibalism come back as they rise from the ashes with a powerful, raw as hell and aggressive album proving to us once more

that they are not done yet!!! They are here to stay!!

This is about an album, a masterpiece if you like, forged in the fires of hell and the abyss. From the very first notes it gets evident and one can clearly

understand what’s about to happen. The levels of aggression and violence are so high, the adrenaline takes you over, the chaos and rage freeze you to the core as the tracks one by one advance!! A non-stop brutal, maniacal attack!!

The music as a whole combines in a very unique, smart and effective way the death-metal element which is the axis of the band and some eruptive thrash-core inputs that are so compelling and mind-blowing to listen to, wrapping them all up with some sorrowful and perverse melodies floating around that leaves the audience absolutely petrified, unable to grasp the reality of it.

In these dark and corrupt times that we’re living, such a fine, complete, superbly orchestrated and splendidly executed effort is something that’s really missing.

In Utero Cannibalism did a great job, they took it to the next level and they can be used as a reminder to those in defeat that there is not only degeneration but also hope that this music will never die! In Utero Cannibalism have done a remarkable and frenzied job, their psychotic killing lust is unstoppable, they sound enraged as never before and only one sentence comes to mind as this album slowly drains your blood: ” Absence of war does

not mean peace!!”. Enjoy!!



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