We are glad to announce that we re-signed a deal with Greek hard rockers KAISAS and we will release their fourth album “Ieria” on 9 August 2024!

Babis Kaisas, guitarist, bassist and songwriter of his band,  with fellow Greek drummer, Fotis Nestor Canister (who also does a lot of pre-production) on his side, have gathered a plethora of nine (9) singers, from all over the world, which blend in very nicely, and bring to life, the concept that is IERIA.
Some of the names that stand out, are those of David Reece (Bangalore Choir, ex- Accept), Ian Parry (Elegy), Paul Jackson (Roadhouse, ft Pete Willis of Def Leppard), Alan Kelly (SHY), etc.
IERIA is inspired by, and dedicated to the female nature throughout history. From the ancient days, to today.
“Birmingham Lights”, is in memory of Tony Mills, and SHY.

Guitars/Bass: Babis Kaisas
Drums: Fotis Nestor Canister (Sarissa-GR)
David Reece (USA) (Accept)
Ian Parry (UK) (Elegy)
Paul Jackson (UK) (Roadhouse, ft Pete Willis of Def Leppard)
Alan Kelly (UK) (SHY)
Leonel Silva (Portugal) (Mindfeeder)
Tomas Baptista (Portugal) (Hats Off To Led Zeppelin – Best Tribute Act UK 2021)
John Nickoloff (USA) (Nickoloff)
Gordon MacIntosh (UK)
Kenny Behnke – Gapp (Germany).
Production: Babis Kaisas, & Fotis Nestor Canister.
Mixing/Mastering: Bryan Underwood at Tonality Studio, in Anaheim, California.
Artwork: Moon Ring Design – Aleh Zielankievic.


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