Marco Gabriel Cusato is well-known as the singer and main man of Chilean gothic rock band Somberwind (featuring also female singer Caterina Nix and Chaos Magic) and of The Fallacy.
Marco has a solo album ready, that we release it today (29 December 2023) in digital format. It will be also released on cd on 2 February 2023.
“Untamed Souls” is the title of his new album. Recorded entirely as a soloist album by Marco Cusato and it includes 11 tracks of modern Goth & Dark Rock/Metal.
Retaining the classic gothic style from the 80`s and 90`s scene , but also adding elements from Modern Gothic rock/metal.
Marco says:
“The main difference between the works of my bands and my solo
production revolves around all vocal arrangements are just for one lead
singer ( male voice) , songs are darker and the lyrics are more deep,this
take us back in time to a classic sound from the 90´s”
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