Almost 2 weeks ago, we announced the upcoming release of “The Greek 80s Metal Legacy”, the second solo album of MIKE G.

Now is the time to reveal the track-list of this amazing album.

It will include 12 covers from 11 bands, and as the title perfectly describes, here are some of the best bands and tracks of Greek metal from the glorious 80s.

So here we are, Mike covered the following tracks:

1 Can You Feel In The Night (Vice Human)
2 Mystery (Angelo Perlepes’ Mystery)
3 Street Fighter (Spitfire)
4 No No Yeah Yeah (Northwind)
5 I Am Free Now (Douglas)
6 Replica (Landscape)
7 Follow Your Mind (Vavel)
8 Necrology (Vaal)
9 False Alarm (Flames)
10 Run To The Highway (Crush)
11 Time (Rust)
12 We Are The Future (Vice Human)

The cd will be released on 4 February 2022 and you can pre-order it now here:

Mike G. “The Greek 80s Metal Legacy” PRE-ORDER!!!


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