We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with Dutch/Maltese doom/death metallers PILGRIMAGE!

As first offspring of this collaboration, will be their debut album “Sigil Of The Pilgrim Sun”, that we will release later this fall.

Pilgrimage are very experienced musicians and their line-up includes the following:

Eric Hazebroek (Vetrar Draugurinn, Ditch, ex-Stream Of Passion), Dino Misfud Lepre (Victims Of Creation), Sean Pollaco (ex-Weeping Silence) and Dario Pace Taliana (Weeping Silence)!

Band’s statement:

“We are pleased to have signed this record deal with Sleaszy Rider Records for the release of our debut album ‘Sigil of the Pilgrim Sun’. We are confident that this relationship will be strong and will result in the release we have all envisaged. We thank Tolis for believing in this project.”

Label’s statement:

“Signing Pilgrimage was something logical and exciting for Sleaszy Rider Recs.
A lifelong friendship begun with one of the members back in 2008 and it has only strengthened since then. We met these musicians several times at past festivals etc. and once we heard of this project we could not turn down this promising and very interesting collaboration.
In October 2019 we saw Pilgrimage live at Metal Gates Festival in Bucharest, Romania, where the band had an amazing appearance and we spent alot of time with the band there, where we realized that all of them are nice guys which we.must work with. We kept in touch all these years, their album is finished and it was blowing our minds, so we came to an agreement very easy, and here we are! We can’t wait to release their awesome debut album!”

The correct release date and additional informations will be announced soon!


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