“13 Martyrs”

Turkish melodic doom/death metallers FORGOTTEN started back in 1995 and released several demos till 2012, when they had finally the chance to release their debut album “13 Martyrs”, through the Austrian (defunct now) label Noisehead Records. The band signed later with Sleaszy Rider and released together 2 amazing albums, (“Of Past And Passion”/ 2019 and “Returnless”/2022). The great partnership and friendship between the band and the label, brought the idea from the label, to re-release the band’s debut album “13 Martyrs”. The band thrilled with this option, added a bonus track, the song “Princess”, a cover of Dr. Skull. They prepared also a brand new, wonderful artwork, that is totally professional and much better than the original one. “13 Martyrs” will be re-released on 10 March 2023 worldwide physical and digital by Sleaszy Rider, so there is a chance for many more metal fans to reach the band’s debut album!






10 March 2023



1 Conquer
2 War of the World
3 Living In My Gods
4 Shaman
5 Father
6 Song of the Wood
7 Agony Cries
8 Shadows
9 Princess (bonus track)

“13 Martyrs” re-release + bonus track

Release Date : 10-03-2023
Artist : Forgotten
Catalog ref. : SR-0305
Format : CD, CD, Digital Download