“Cell XIX”

The 3d album of Bullet-Proof, entitled “Cell XIX”!

The Italian/Slovakian heavy/thrash metallers return after 4 years of silence, with a bombastic new album!

This is their more mature release so far, full of heavy riffs, thrash rhythms, Megadeth hit-likes songs and a powerful production.

Recorded/produced at TMH studios in Alessandria, Italy, by Federico Pennazzato and Aldo Lonobile (of Secret Sphere, Archon Angel, Death SS, etc).
Amazing artwork by extraordinaire artist Gustavo Sazes (Angra, Arch Enemy, Dream Evil, Exodus, Firewind, Morbid Angel, etc.)

For fans of Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, Kreator, Overkill.






21 December 2021



1 Endovena Intro
2 Brainocide
3 When Truth And Trust Collapsed
4 Paralyzed
5 No Future
6 Cell XIX
7 Cold Sigh
8 Undeniable Decline
9 Perfectly Divided People
10 Perception Of Reality
11 All I Want (The Offspring)


“Cell XIX”

Release Date : 21-12-2021
Artist : Bullet-Proof
Catalog ref. : SR-0289
Format : CD, CD