“Hybris-Nemesis-Death” is the debut album of Greek black/death metallers EONS AURA, the new superband of Mike G. (founder of Nightfall, Snowblind, Blind Justice)!
Along with another ex-Nightfall member from the old days (and co-member also of Snowblind) Jim Aggelopoulos on guitars and with Kostas “Corax” Katoikos (Blossom Death, In Burial, Corax B.M., ex- Sorrowful Angels) on vocals, John Litinakis on bass (Reflection, Fire And Steel, etc) and John “Morker” Chariskos (Corax B.M.) on drums they prepared an album that will reminds you the old Nightfall days. A nostalgic journey into the glorious Greek extreme underground metal of early 90s, with the personal style of Mike G. on writing and composing great, classic melodies, riffs (and songs in total) !





7 June 2024



1 Hybris-Nemesis-Death
2 The Curse Of The Underdog
3 I’ll Give You Hell
4 1944 – The Hand Of Fate
5 The Raven God In The Sky
6 Tithonus (The Immortal Dead)
7 Bloody Children Of The Sun
8 Forest Demon



EONS AURA “Hybris-Nemesis-Death” (SR-0341)

Release Date : 07-06-2024
Artist : EONS AURA
Catalog ref. : SR-0341
Format : CD, CD