Hailing from Ioannina city (Spider Kickers, Varathron, Villagers Of Ioannina City, etc), MOLOEMA founded on 2018 and after hard work, they prepared “Unpredictable”, their debut full length cd!
Moloema are playing modern, catchy, melodic and groovy heavy rock, with many hard rock, stoner, progressive and ethnic elements!
“Unpredictable” is a magic album for every rock fan, call him stoner, metal, heavy, grunge, prog, hard rocker, whatever! Doesn’t matter, the music here is a catholic hard rock album for everyone!

For fans of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Orange Goblin, Monster Magnet,  V.I.C., Cathedral., Guns ‘N’ Roses, Blue Oyster Cult, Uriah Heep, Faith No More and Soundgarden!

Featuring Aris Giannopoulos (drummer of Villagers of Ioannina City, aka VIC)!

Available in deluxe digipack edition.





7 June 2024



1 Concrete World
2 A Stray Sober
3 Persephone
4 Desire Dead
5 Egypt
6 Dance Of Balkans
7 Mephisto
8 Arrow



MOLOEMA “Unpredictable” (SR-0340)

Release Date : 07-06-2024
Artist : MOLOEMA
Catalog ref. : SR-0340
Format : CD, CD, Digital Download