Italian black/gothic metal legends LORD VAMPYR return 3 years after their heavy metallish-oriented “Death Comes Under The Sign Of The Cross”, with their 6th album “The Vampire’s Legacy”, ( ) that is a step forward for the band, as they are proud to compose and record their best album so far. “The Vampire’s Legacy” has a fresh and powerful production and at the same time is a return to the glorious roots, to their black metal sound.
A vampyric black metal music, atmospheric, foggy, cold and gothic, melodic and romantic, coming directly from Transylvania and Dracula’s and vampires’ legacy.
Do not forget, the singer of Lord Vampyr is the founding member and original singer (ex- now) of Italian gothic metal stars Theatres Des Vampires.

* Sixtht full length-album of the Italian legendary black metallers LORD VAMPYR!
*Featuring Lord Vampyr itself, founder and ex-singer of THEATRES DES VAMPIRES.
*A return to their black metal roots with a dark masterpiece!
*Amazing black metal vocals, with additional clean vocals and polyphonic parts.
*Absolutely perfect artwork by Adi Dechristanize.

*Astonishing lyric video for “The Evil’s Origin (Strigoi II) made by Yannis Manopoulos.

*For fans of: Cradle Of Filth,Theatres Des Vampires, Moonspell, Rotting Christ, Vlad Tepes, Carpathian Forest, Ancient, Siebenbuergen, Notre Dame.



1. Towards Darkness

2. The Vampire’s Legacy

3. The Evil’s Origin (Strigoi II)


4. Mircalla

5. Wicked

6. Mater Vampirorum

7. In My Tenebra

8. Blood Ballad

9. The Village

10. Inno A Dracula


Lord Vampyr: Vocals

Seth666: guitars

Deathblast: guitars, lead guitars

Hellvete: Bass/keyboards

Aeternus: Drums


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“The Vampire’s Legacy”

Release Date : 07-05-2021
Artist : Lord Vampyr
Genre : Black Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0272
Format : CD