“Lunar Cross”

The 8th release of the Slavic folk black metal legends Satarial. Released in 2014 and Satarial returned with this cd, to their original sound from 1989 to 2005. The band wanted to make a live sound and made live recordings, without using any computer simulation. Includes many folk instruments – inspired by nature mysticism and anti-clericalism-, plus analog synthesizers and is recorded like the records of early 90s.
Mixed and mastered by American Black Matter Mastering studio.






1 Apil 2022



1 Nerone
2 Horned One
3 If Somebody Die
4 Baptized By Fire And Sword
5 Witches Night
6 Eternity
7 Flower Of Datura
8 Moon And Fire
9 Spell Of Formation
10 Queen Of Hell
11 Baptized By Fire And Sword (Russian version)

“Lunar Cross”

Release Date : 01-04-2022
Artist : Satarial
Catalog ref. : SR-0291
Format : CD, CD, Digital Download