Italian extreme metallers VOLTUMNA reveal the cover artwork of their upcoming third full-length “Dodecapoli”.
The album will be released the 20th of October 2017 via Sleaszy Rider Records in jewelcase, vinyl and digital format.
Another time the amazing hands of Marcelo Vasco did a unique work, inspired by the lyrics of the 12 tracks.
The Etruscan priests would like to thank Emiliano Natali and Daniele Guglielmi to make this possible, Tursen for the collaboration and the great knowledge about Ancient Italic instrument and music, Anna Naima K. Menicheschi for the magic backing vocals and Eros Pasi of Pr Lodge for his job after the recording session.
DODECAPOLI is their most EXTREME Experience:
The History, the Mythology, the Wizardry behind the Holy Confederation of the 12 old Italic cities.

1. The Lion, The Goat, The Serpent – Arezzo
2. Itenere Inferi – Cerveteri
3. Reading The Flames – Vulci
4. In Principium Tarquinii – Tarquinia
5. Criterion Of The Groma – Roselle
6. Fanum Voltumnae
7. Lars Porsenna – Chiusi
8. Perdidit Veii – Veio
9. Cyclopean Walls – Vetulonia
10. War Of Supremacy – Perugia
11. Vessels Of Rasna – Populonia
12. The Path To Our Twilight – Volterra

PRE-ORDERS start end of August!
First songs will be released during August.


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