“Dancing In The Dark Lakes Of Evil – The Lloth Years”

Greek all female-black metal band Astarte startet under the name of Lloth and released their first demo “Dancing In The Dark Lakes Of Evil”  back in 1997.  After this the band renamed to Astarte and you know the rest of the story, releasing 5 albums, till they disbanded after the pass of their leader Maria “Tristessa” Kolokouri on 2014.

This is re-release of the demo for first time on cd, with new artwork, designed by Argentinian fine artist Rodrigo Gudina at Core76 Studio.
A pure masterpiece, a rare release for every metal fan!






10 December 2021



1 Intro
2 The Offering…
3 Empress of the Shadow Land
4 In the Weep of the Ocean
5 Mournfull
6 Satisfaction of the Dead
7 Reaching the Palace
8 Outro



“Dancing In The Dark Lakes Of Evil – The Lloth Years”

Release Date : 10-12-2021
Artist : Astarte
Genre : Black Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0219
Format : CD, CD