Today we reveal the front cover and tracklist of “Celestial Violence” the new album by the Italian metal band Revoltons, that we will  release on May 12.

Track-list will be the following:
1. 2020 Alternative
2. Escape or Drown
3. Generation Mask
4. The Darkfall
5. Nany John Skennon
6. Low Ranking Businessman
7. The Game
8. Reality is a Crime
9. Cosmic Disabled
10. Lockdown Diaries
11. Violentia Patris Caelestis?

Below a comment from the band:

“Given what humanity has gone through in the last three years, this seemed to us the most appropriate title to name an album whose sounds and lyrics were directly born during the lockdowns. The songs describe both personal events (ruined relationships, deaths, suicides of loved ones and surreal situations) and general ideas about what happened in these three years and what reality is. In particular the quadrilogy: The Game-Reality is a Crime-Spiritual Monster-Cosmic Disabled describes what we mean by celestial violence. It is the story of a spiritual seeker who is facing this period and who is well aware that there is no creator God who created this delirium but that God is what resides within us and brings us all together. We are all one and therefore we are all accomplices to what has happened and has always happened and cannot take refuge behind futile pathetic and unrealizable conspiracy theories. He knows that reality is a play of forces where everyone participates and that humanity is at a low stage of its evolution and that to improve the world it must first of all improve itself. It is his love and hate relationship with ‘god’, that is, with himself and his limitations. Ultimately it is humanity that has raped the planet. We are divine beings at a very low evolutionary stage. We still have a long way to go.”


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