A hot summer is getting more hot today, due a Balkan metal attack, as we release 5 new titles!

2nd July 2021 is the release date for:

  • “WWII: Memories For The Future”, the 5th album of Bulgarian true metallers RAMPART (it comes in 2 editions, cd and 2-cd (cd+dvd) )
  • “Thelemism”, the 2nd album of Greek heavy metallers THELEMITE
  • “Love Strikes Doves”, the debut album of Greek/American blues metallers THE HARPS
  • “Ashes Enthroned”, the first album of Greek heavy/dark metallers I ABYSSICK
  • “All Hat No Cattle”, the debut album of Greek heavy rockers LAZY MAN’S LOAD!

For more infos, check the RELEASES section of our website and of course our e-store where you can buy them.

Digital editions (and physical too, of course) of all albums are available in our bandcamp!



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