Dear friends and clients,

hope you are all fine!
We will release many new titles in the few next months (we released also 5 more titles in February), and we need urgently free space in our warehouse!
So we have a new special offer for you, valid from now on, till Sunday 26 February 2024:
Buy any cd of our mailorder list (ask for it) for 3 euros only!
Double cds for 5 euros!
DVDs for 3 euros.
lLPs for 8 euros, special/limited editions for 10 euros, 2-LPs for 15 euros.
T-shirts for 7 euros.
Some titles are may not available for the offer.
*All cds will be shipped WITHOUT jewelcases.
For anything you want, feel free to send us an email:

Thanx in advance for your support!

Special offers

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