We are glad to announce that we are signed a multi-album deal with the Italian heavy/power/doom metal force TRINAKRIUS! New music is on plans, re-releases of their back-catalogue too, plus some surprises, which will be revealed soon!

The Trinakrius project, a Power Heavy Doom band, was formed in Palermo in 1995. In 1996 we recorded our first output, a demo tape entitled “Intrinakrius”. It received quite good reviews in several heavy metal magazines. Notwithstanding the reasonable success and the numerous performances in various pubs of the city and its province, we split up because of various reasons at the end of the same year. During the six years we all had our own musical experiences in some other bands (e.g. Holy Knights,Acacia, Synthesys, Black Twilight, and others).

After this break we reunited Trinakrius in 2002 with all five members to record a new release, the “Inquisantism” mini concept based on the Inquisition, and after the positive reviews in national and international press the band signed its first contract with “Doom Symphony”, an Italian label. For “Doom Symphony” we recorded our first official CD titled “Sancta Inquisitio”. This one, same as the previous EP Inquisantism, got a lot of good reviews from several international magazines.After having presented the CD in several pubs of the city Palermo and its suburbs, the band was in July 2006 contacted by the organizers of a German Open Air Festival – the Headbangers Open Air near Hamburg. During this event we presented our music to an international audience and got great fedback on the live performance and expanded our sales of the album.

After such a wonderful experience we immediately carried on to work on our new album. We produced a three songs promo to promote it for several recording studios. Unfortunately our singer had to quit because of personal reasons and left the band. Nowaday Flavio Rezza, aged 21, voice in the prestigious chorus of Palermo Teatro Massimo, is our new singer. In April 2007 we went another time to Germany (with Flavio) for another fantastic event, the “Kutten4ever Festival” to wich we were invited after the great response we got at “Headbangers Open Air” After our return to Italy an Austrian label ” Psychedoomelic Records” offered us to rerelease the first self- produced album “Inquisantism”. The same time Trinakrius was confirmed for the ” UP THE HAMMERS FESTIVAL” in April 2008 (Athens – Greece). During the whole summer Trinakrius worked in the studio on the new album preproduction ” THE BLACK HOLE MIND” which was recorded in December 2007 and will be released via the mighty Hellion Records label from Germany in autumn 2008.

In 2010 the Compilation entitled Massacro was released by Jolly Roger Records, the entire repertoire sung in Italian, with the 1996 demo rerecorded and a new song never released. At the same time the band was lucky enough to do a mini tour in Japan 3 date.

In the meantime the band had some changes and only Claudio Florio remained who, with the help of some friends, managed to create Seven songs of the Seven Sins which was released on End of the Light. In 2014 there were further lineup changes and Introspectum was created for Pitch Black records which had a good response. In 2022, a self-produced EP was released, Le streghe sono tornate, in memory of their guitarist and singer Vincent Montalto



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